How to earn up to $8,000 in Sydney

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Sydney draws millions of tourists every years. It’s a thriving tourism city for obvious reasons and business hub in Asia Pacific. This dynamic combination of tourists and businessmen traveling has fuelled demand for adult jobs.

For ladies who are fed up with their job earning $15 and hour and doing the same thing everyday in a store, call centre or in a small business, the opportunities to earn up to $8,000 a week and fulfil your dreams of bring debt free, having cash to spend on clothes and a clientele base that is high end businessmen and travelers, now is the time to speak to us about working in our 6 star establishment.

There are lots of perks that accompany an adult job. You can be independent and in charge of your own destiny. All of the ladies that are now working in their adult job were like you are now. Your new ‘office’ will be in Surry Hills, which is not far if you live in Pyrmont and North Sydney.

Life is too short not to try new things and achieve your dreams. Please SMS Ellie on 0426 719 737 and we will call you back and start the process towards a better income.




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