North Sydney

Are you looking for the most prestigious adult job in Sydney, which attracts many clients from the thriving suburb of North Sydney?

Sydney Adult Jobs, located in Surry Hills, is a quick train trip to North Sydney, one of the most popular suburbs in Sydney. You might even get to enjoy a date at the water, overlooking the Harbour Bridge! Our clients love taking the ladies to see the best attractions Sydney has to offer, which is a great perk of working at Adult Jobs Sydney.

With Luna Park located in North Sydney, it’s a great location to work nearby. The old-school feel of the park and reasonable prices mean that it makes a great day or night out after work. North Sydney’s Luna Park makes for a great photo opportunity, too, with ferris wheel’s touching the skyline.

As well as Luna Park, North Sydney is the proud home of Wendy Whitley’s Secret Garden. At Adult Jobs Sydney, we recommend the gardens for a place to relax and wind down after work. It’s a unique little oasis, and overlooks the sapphire blue Lavender Bay.

As North Sydney is a bustling business district Monday to Friday, our clients at Adult Jobs Sydney from this suburb are hard-working, white-collar professionals. They are attracted to our premium location and facilities and our talented ladies. Being about to work with these successful, affluent clients is a great incentive to join the team at Adult Jobs Sydney, as well as the proximity to awesome attractions.


I enjoy swimming in the pool next to Luna Park, living just next to Lavendar Bay. It’s quieter than the CBD yet I’m so close with the train and ferry, I can enjoy the North Shore and get to work at the establishment in Surry Hills in 10 minutes.