Adult Worker Reviews

Hey, we’re proud to have had over 150 ladies successfully apply for and be placed as an adult worker in Sydney. Read some of the reviews from our special ladies:


I get to work hard, play hard and have fun every night I work. I love this job and what a wonderful life it gives me.


My one regret is that I didn’t apply to be an adult worker sooner. I wasted so many years working as a customer service agent with people complaining. Now I give real pleasure to customers 😉


5 star service, 5 star management. Also, an amazing way to meet awesome guys and much better than my experience trying to make a living from online betting.


Always paid on time, safe and clean workplace. Never any trouble and security always puts our safety first. Love it.


So flexible while I’m studying and getting an education. It’s great to be in Sydney and know I can help pay my way through University.


I come from New York and bring my attitude with me. The guys love it and I get to be myself with all the staff supporting me.