Are you looking for the most prestigious adult job in Sydney, which attracts many clients from the arty, restored suburb of Redfern?

Sydney Adult Jobs, located in Surry Hills, is a quick train trip to Redfern, known for its quirkiness, art culture, and place in Indigenous history. You might even get to enjoy a date in an upmarket, alternative restaurant! Our clients love taking the ladies to see the best attractions Sydney has to offer, which is a great perk of working at Adult Jobs Sydney.

Redfern is a great place for international victors and locals alike to learn about Australia’s Indigenous culture by being immersed in it. You’ll find Indigenous artwork along the streets, recognising Eora Country, as well as alternative artwork that aim to spread the message of love and peace throughout Redfern. After a day or night at work, it’s a great place to come to rewind and take in Sydney’s history and eclectic culture.

If you are interested in pursuing the Arts, Redfern is the place for you to find out about opportunities in Sydney – it boasts many non-for-profit creative initiatives, such as the Sydney Story Factory, with a focus on young people. At Adult Jobs Sydney we support your career goals and dreams, and recommend Redfern to someone who wants a creative career or outlet — it’s a fantastic place to be able to get to quickly and easily from work.

In terms of our clientele from Redfern, Adult Jobs Sydney attracts successful arty folk, and you’ll never be bored or tire of the conversation in their company. The ladies enjoy accompanying clients to hipster bars where you can enjoy cocktails, dancing, and mouth-watering street food.


Redfern is much better for me as I am new to Sydney and living with flatmates.
We enjoy going to Newtown and the establishment in Surry Hills is close to home.