4 Amazing Adult Worker Perks

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Thinking of becoming an adult worker? You have good reason to as the old world of dimly lit brothels that remind you of a 2 star roach inn are long gone. Our 6 Star establishment in Sydney is a deluxe property that lifts the standard to a whole new level for Sydney based adult workers.

Luxurious Interiors
We have spared no expense to create an incredible luxurious feeling with the ultimate interior design, comfortable bedding, furniture and bathroom facilities. That’s what every adult worker should be treated to as well as customers.

Professional Training
Our team is professional. We train, instruct in all areas of being an adult worker from safety to customer service. Customers deserve more than just a brothel experience, they require conversation, professionalism and that will ensure mutual respect for all parties.

Fun Workplace
Many adult workers call us as they are bored to tears with their current job, their boss isn’t making work fun and there is no workplace culture. Our establishments bring together very creative people looking to debunk the boring workplace norms and be involved with exciting fun ladies who want to meet hard working, busy guys who often don’t have time to socialize or entertain ladies on dates. We strive to create a fun environment where a smile and laugh are just the start of the adventure.

Interstate Flights
Yes, that’s right … some of our top performing adult workers are in high demand and fly all over Australia. We appreciate adult workers have choices where they can work and happy to discuss flying you to Sydney for an interview and to come see our amazing 6 star establishment.

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