Tips on working in Sydney brothels

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Our training program at Adult Jobs Sydney separates us from other Sydney brothel establishments for ladies looking to work in the adult services industry. We pride ourselves on being a 6 star establishment and along with that comes the importance of high level of professional training.

Gentlemen who visit our brothel in Sydney are met with well spoken, intelligent office staff who are also trained to ask the relevant questions on which type of service they would prefer. It is important that as you consider working in the adult industry in Sydney you make sure the brothel establishment is well run with trained staff. Here are some of the tips we offer ladies who are planning on working in a brothel in Sydney:

Important Tips for Adult Workers:

1. Be clear with your client upfront what type of service they are requiring. Be sure to inform your client that additional services are either not provided or require more time and cost to perform.

2. Be sure your client is not intoxicated and is not coherently speaking or listening.

3. Be prepared for work. Always have a shower before arriving at the brothel workplace, keep your hair tidy and fingernails trimmed. Shaving is a personal issue yet we feel it best to be conscious of this and how it will be perceived by your clients.

4. Keep your personal information to yourself. If a client wants to know personal information about your and your life outside of the establishment, you have every right to retain your privacy and courteously request anonymity.

5. Avoid too much conversation and don’t accept any “tips” or “cash” whilst in the privacy of a room as this undermines the quality of the service and often is a violation of brothel policy.

6. Don’t accept any rough role playing as this can lead to you being improperly treated.

7. Make sure your customer knows the boundaries and respects them.

8. Do not ask your client about their personal life or details as they are often seeking intimacy and privacy as well.

9. When your client first arrives, engage in a friendly conversation and establish eye contact so they understand you are a warm friendly person.

10. Do not accept any unsafe sex suggestions. That is crossing the line.

The brothel management should have explicit guidelines on how you as an adult worker should behave as well as clientele visiting the establishment.