Do’s & Don’ts of Working in a Sydney Brothel by Adult Jobs Sydney

Sometimes the barrel of nerves take over when working in a brothel for both guy and girl – leaving really (really) awkward silence. But fear no more, we have put together the best way to engage you hour long cupids in cracking a little conversation between the sheets!

But first, rule number 1. Try to eat healthy foods when working in a brothel as it requires some stamina and junk food won’t help!

Back to conversation! The really obvious faux pas is to delve into their life in detail. Don’t ask about their work life and equally don’t let your customer ask you the entire back story of why and how you landed working in a Sydney brothel. Prepare for a series of questions from your customers about you and have some variations of the real you. Keeping your privacy is important and the same goes for him. Don’t ask him any personal types of questions, regardless how curious you may be!

Avoid any topics that talk about family life, brothers, sisters. etc. It’s really simple stuff but the thing is when you ask a guy about these things, they usually they start spilling the story. He’s come to a brothel to enjoy himself, not talk about his problems and so try and avoid baseless banter as it can distract you and him from the main game!

Other questions you could dig into if your man persists with conversation is their weekend life. Do they play sport? Hang out with friends or do some other socialising activity? These types of conversations are of general interest and not too personal. The guy that goes scuba diving may have some interesting ways to satisfy you!

Avoid the serious stuff about your own emotions too! Keep it generic and basic because serious isn’t always sexy!

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